Where are you moving to?

Most people move every two to five years.  They will move due to jobs, families, health or retirement.  Almost half, stay with the same city and make a local move to another residence.  This means that almost half will make a move either to a nearby city or to another state. 

Whether you plan to move locally or across country, it is so important to consult with a licensed Realtor in your market.  They can help you with the market analysis of your current home so you know how much your home is worth in today’s market.  They can also advertise your home online and in print for you.  Realtors are able to prequalify buyers for you so they do not waste your time looking at something they can not afford to purchase.  Realtors will also walk you through the inspection process and closing process.  Unless you are a lawyer or a licensed Realtor, it is so important to have this third party looking out for YOUR best interests! If you are moving out of state, we can also refer you to a reputable Realtor in your destination city. 

Call me if I can be of service to you!

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